In 2014 my mom passed down her small jewelry business, NamaTags, to me. I made handcrafted jewelry all throughout highschool and college, specializing in customized metal cuffs and necklaces. In 2020 I decided to rebrand to better align with my vision! I am a self taught metalsmith and I have partnered with my boyfriend, Ryan, who is a self taught lapidarist. (Ryan is also a musician, check out Kotal & Koffi on spotify!) Having a small business that brings joy to others has always been a dream for both of us. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we found ourselves swimming in an overwhelming amount of free time. It was obvious that we needed this project in our lives to focus our creative energy on something positive, in the midst of a year that brough so much loss. Together we create pieces that are completely crafted by hand: from raw stones to polished cabochons, and from metal scraps to finished jewelry pieces. We believe that art is most impactful when it reflects who you are and how you live, and Modern Folia does just that. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials when making our pieces, and we test all of our products for comfort and durability. All of our pieces can withstand many various factors, including water and sweat! This means NO tarnishing or skin discoloration, so that you can wear your jewelry comfortably 24/7. Feel good about your jewelry, knowing that it is being handmade locally with good quality metals!  

Our mission is to make simple jewelry that creates happiness. We wanted to have a business that allows us to make others happy, while still being able to do the things that make us happy. With Modern Folia, we are able to live this dream. Without the intricate system of a large business, you can trust that we are hand crafting every piece individually just for you.